New Mord Fustang album appears on iTunesMordfust

New Mord Fustang album appears on iTunes

Mord Fustang‘s September release of “Drivel” was the first part of a then unnamed, unknown full length project. Now mysteriously appearing on iTunes with no acknowledgement from the Estonian behind the album, “9999 in 1” has had the curtain lifted. Available for pre-order with a January 20th release date attached, nine new tracks have also been revealed. Only one collaborator is listed, while one of the producer’s most popular tracks has been given a second part. The new norm for electronic music albums has been set by this year’s mainstage superstars, but as 2015 begins, one of the genre’s most unique talents seems to be ready for the spotlight once again.

1. “1984″
2. “Drivel”
3. “Pop (feat. LIINKS)”
4. “Press Start!”
5. “Dopplegangbanger”
6. “Skyward World”
7. “No Way To Stop”
8. “Elite Beat Agent”
9. “Milky Way (Pt. 2)”
10. “The Morning After the Morning After”


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