Deadmau5 jokes about a ‘$2 million’ DJ set with Paris HiltonParis Hiltons Dj Debut At The Pop Music Festival In Sao Paulo Brazil

Deadmau5 jokes about a ‘$2 million’ DJ set with Paris Hilton

Before the Internet gets completely carried away, Deadmau5 would want one thing made clear – it’s definitely not likely we’ll be seeing him join forces with Paris Hilton anytime soon. TMZ caught Joel firstly in a moment of rarely publicized kindness, hanging out with producer hopeful friend and participant of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Vincent following a show. Quickly, the discussion was moved along to a hotbed topic that Deadmau5 has recently unabashedly shared his own opinion on – Paris Hilton. Alluding to his livid response to her claiming that she’s “worked hard” for her shockingly high DJ rate, he was faced with the interviewer’s question: “Would you ever do a set with Paris Hilton?”

“Absolutely!” he quipped, before quickly following up with a sarcastic “for $2 million.” And if any last doubts remained of his seriousness in partnering up with the hotel heiress, he was sure to stomp them out completely with a succinct conclusion – “F*ck Paris.”


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