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Gareth Emery announces new radio show Electric For Life

For the past nine years, The Gareth Emery Podcast reigned supreme as one of electronic music’s most widely regarded weekly radio shows. Now that the podcast has been shut down after the British mainstay “felt like I was producing the show on auto pilot for the last year or so,Gareth Emery has announced the inception of a brand new weekly program, Electric For Life. Beginning this Saturday with a five hour set at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, the inaugural episode will be fully interactive and will allow fans to discuss the debut with Gareth in real time. The weekly podcast and time slot of SiriusXM will remain intact, however, the British producer will be donning his taste-maker hat and delving into a wide variety of genres in an effort to stay away from “choosing the obvious bangers.”

Emery left the message below to fans on Facebook:

Thank you for your kind words following the news that The Gareth Emery Podcast is ending. I guess I owe you a proper explanation.

After doing the show more or less every week since 2006 I guess I’d become a bit too comfortable, and I sometimes felt like I was producing the show on auto pilot for the last year or so. Saying the same old shit and playing the same sounding music, and probably playing it a bit too safe, choosing the obvious bangers and hot promos rather than pushing myself to dig out those hidden gems like I always used to.

And that, my friends, is what I want to get back to. Playing music that excites me, digging through Soundcloud pages and obscure albums on iTunes, finding long forgotten gems that I once heard in a club five years ago, and sharing them with the world.

So, it’s time for a fresh start. I’ve got a new show starting next week, which has me feeling more excited about producing a weekly radio show than I have been for years. There will be a weekly live broadcast with an amazing new fully interactive platform where I can discuss the episode online with listeners in real time, plus of course, for those of you who liked things as they were, there will still be a weekly podcast version, and our SiriusXM broadcast in North America.

This fresh start will be reflected in the music, where I’m going to be going back to the way the podcast used to be, finding the time to really dig out those gems, but, to the sadness of the genre police, it’ll still be across a wide variety of genres. From the first ever episode of the podcast I made a decision not to focus on one style, but to play anything I liked, and I always felt that was my favorite thing about the show, so there’s no way in hell that is ever changing.

To start the new show properly, for our first episode we’ll be doing a live audio and video broadcast from my 5 hour set at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles this Saturday, starting at 10pm Los Angeles time (more on that later).

Tune in on Saturday, and let’s start a new chapter together.

Much love


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