Lido takes on indie remixing alt-J’s ‘Left Hand Free’Artworks 000084467048 Dgj9kk T

Lido takes on indie remixing alt-J’s ‘Left Hand Free’

Norway has a couple cards up their sleeve of gifted producers and Lido is definitely one of them. The young producer continues to tackle some of the biggest names in music from remixes of the Weeknd to Bastille letting the world know that he is not slowing down. His next victim is UK indie act, alt-J, and the hit “Left Hand Free.” Calling his treatment “sounding like Red Hot Chili Peppers signed to PC Music, traded their drums for guns and recorded an alt-J cover in Tokyo on helium” via his Facebook, Lido splatters his unique style on the original with an arsenal of erupting synths, punching percussion, and even gun shot sound effects. Alt-J even hosted the remix on SoundCloud verifying how fire this remix is. 

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