Skream prepares for new album in 2015Skream

Skream prepares for new album in 2015

If a forthcoming remix with Curses isn’t exciting enough, Skream has plenty more up his sleeve for 2015. Oliver Jones recently shared with Annie Mac on her BBC Radio 1 Bedtime Mix show that an album is in the works for 2015: “I’ve got a single coming out with someone and then they’re gonna announce that I’m doing an album next year, finally,” he said. “I get a little anxious. I’m happy for me, it’s everyone else that drives me mad. Because of this sort of spread of my career, there’s been a lot in one place…I’ve had such a solid fan base from the start who are diehard fans and then there are the middle of the road fans who didn’t really know but thought they should like me. So I’ve got a lot of people who like to criticize but I don’t really care because as long as whoever I give the record to is happy, as long as I’m happy ultimately, as long as everyone likes it…” 

“[The album] is dark. It sounds like my older stuff, but at a different tempo,” he divulges. The currently untitled project will be Skream’s first full-length piece in over four years, making this one LP to keep a tab on as the new year approaches. 

Check out the full interview on BBC.

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