Disco Fries share project file for ‘Ramuh’ on SpliceDisco Fries Splice

Disco Fries share project file for ‘Ramuh’ on Splice

Disco Fries are the latest dance music act to completely open-source one of their tracks on Splice. Over the past year, the cloud-based music collaboration platform has hosted project files from everyone from Laidback Luke to Henry Fong, providing an effective learning tool for aspiring producers. Now, the Disco Fries join the ranks of these artists by providing a complete breakdown of their new single, “Ramuh.”

While previous producers preached simplicity on Splice, the Disco Fries’ approach on “Ramuh” is anything but. Their intricate arrangement includes layers and layers of sound design and synths. Even after bouncing their session to stems, the complexity is still strikingly evident.

Disco Fries said of the track: “Ramuh is a track that was pieced together from a bunch of different ideas/sounds/melodies. Some of these date back to Christmas of last year! We sat down with all of the elements and started putting the puzzle together, adding new ideas as we went. As a result, this project got CRAZY messy haha. Danny was still on his old 2010 MBP and it was struggling to handle the CPU load. So we ended up bouncing a lot of tracks down to audio, dumping them into a new session, and continuing to add plug-ins from there.”

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