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Two Can & Father Dude – Double Edge (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Eccentric bass and the Balearic sound scope had not sounded so comfortably compatible before Melbourne duo Two Can showed their face. With New York’s Father Dude musically circling them for sometime, the creative juices of electronic music flow with considerable promise towards the New Year courtesy of yet another Hegemon group union from across the continents.

With the heart of an 80s power ballad and the soul of a dialled down indie dance ensemble, “Double Edge” is a breakthrough moment for both names on the sleeve, giving the more chilled side of the industry coin its first young power players and a daring display of original composure.  As an industry, we can often let the buzz of a passing fad distract us from the sound of genuine progress. Two Can & Father Dude have stumbled across a strain of electronic music with a hope at future impact, one that puts them well ahead of the tropical swell and in the running to dominate 2015 with their truly majestic mutual sound.

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