Watch Zedd’s ‘Moment of Clarity’ DocumentaryZedd Ezoo 2014

Watch Zedd’s ‘Moment of Clarity’ Documentary

From his complextro roots to Ariana Grande collaborations, Zedd’s rise to super stardom has been marked with numerous watershed moments. One of the most popular EDM stars of the modern age, Zedd brings his fans behind the scenes of ‘Moment of Clarity’ tour in this new 30-minute documentary that follows the producer and introduces the highly-talented team that supported his vision. There’s Dave Rene, Interscope A&R and part of Zedd’s management team, alongside Tim Smith of Blood Company, and a massive support system that bring his stage productions and identity to life while Anton himself pours himself into his music. ¬†Hayley Williams makes an appearance as well, recapping her time working with Anton on their smash hit “Stay the Night.” Handpickied by Zedd himself – a long time Paramore fan – it was Williams first step into the EDM world, and one of his career-defining tracks.

Watch the entire documentary above for more insight into what make’s one of EDM’s biggest stars tick.

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