Lookas – Samurai (Original Mix) [Free Download]Artworks 000103223647 Quz1s0 T

Lookas – Samurai (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Things have been quiet from Lookas‘ camp since the release of “Loko,” a track that allowed the Miami native to flex his meticulous production skills and showedg that the trap/big room hybrid artist had chops beyond the world of the remix. Returning with another original, Lookas furthers his strong interest in the festival trap genre in “Samurai,” a hard-hitting tune that encompasses the direction in which many trap artists are headed. A dash of hardstyle amidst a sea of high-hat rolls and 808 thumps breathes a bit of fresh air into the middle of the blaring production, rounding out the sound and lending itself to providing the full Lookas listening experience.

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