Music streaming service Rdio expands to IndiaRdio Logo

Music streaming service Rdio expands to India

One of dance music’s youngest and most promising markets, India, has received a new addition to the expanding power players entering its market: Rdio. The music streaming service currently provides 61 markets with a 32 million song library in 43 languages globally. Their new expansion represents a major milestone for both Rdio and India. The streaming service will be exposed to the world’s second largest country in population and will enter the Indian market before Spotify or Pandora. Rdio continues its international competitive advantage over other streaming services as 60 percent of their monthly active user base resides outside of the United States. With the recent success of Sunburn Music Festival in Goa in addition to Rdio’s expansion, India remains a hot target for dance music’s power players and will continue to grow with a large percent of its market share still up for grabs.

H/T: Billboard

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