Savant delivers full-length album to save EDM from itselfSavant Invasion Album Artwork

Savant delivers full-length album to save EDM from itself

Check out the artist that deadmau5 is saying is the next big thing.

Norwegian multi-instrumentalist mad hatter, Aleksander Vinter, best known by his production moniker Savant, has released a full length album that is a long-form bout of meticulous attention to detail and extremely keen skill. Invasion lies somewhere between 8-bit gaming music, up-tempo dubstep, and dance floor-primed electro house, bringing in a vast array of sounds into a chaotically cohesive collection.

According to Mau5trap‘s head-honcho,

 “[Savant] is the change EDM needs, if it doesn’t sink itself entirely.”

And although Joel can come off slightly brash on occasion, his high praise of Savant’s latest offering holds some genuine merit. Savant put together a packed 18-track collection that runs for a whole hour and a half, where each track is completely unique from the others, yet somehow the creative concoction relies on all 18 tunes compiled together to truly shine. Full-length album projects like Invasion are few and far between, and with dance music’s wide spectrum of sounds and genres before him, Savant manages to cover them all.

From playful progressive house beats to soulful R&B riffs, horn sections, melodic breakdowns, glitchy computer tones, and thumping drum patterns, Savant’s Invasion is an exploratory mixed bag full of original soundscapes. deadmau5’s stamp of approval could just be appreciation from one mastermind to another, but maybe it’s more. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Savant, his next release could be Mau5trap made.

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