deadmau5 and Dillon Francis select winner of “Some Chords” remix contestDeadmau5 Skrille Dillon Francis

deadmau5 and Dillon Francis select winner of “Some Chords” remix contest

deadmau5 has cataloged some now iconic hits throughout his career, near the top of that list sits “Some Chords,” a tune that brings many back to 2010, as dance music was just beginning to conquer North American shores. The deadmau5 classic packs an unforgettably consuming chord progression that for many holds a nostalgic significance from earlier days. Recently the canonized hit was remixed by Dillon Francis, breathing new life into “Some Chords,” with his own sharp acumen for charging, high-octane electro-house.

Since then, Joel and Dillon linked up with Beatport to bring a test-your-skills contest to the masses of aspiring producers out there, giving creative minds the opportunity to remix Dillon’s rendition; a remix of a remix if you will. Now, after hundreds of submissions, the winner has been announced as Andrei Stephan. The Toronto-based up-and-comer begins earning his stripes with extremely high praise from two of the industry’s biggest names.

Holding true to the original mixes basic frame, Stephan turns “Some Chords” into a spastic, knocking electro cut with keen additions that rides the stylistic divide between productions from 2010 and the trends of today. The grand prize winner receives an Antelope Audio Interface and a handful of synth modules and other software, although the best part is being featured on an official mau5trap remix package. Andrei Stephan has earned his featured spot on Beatport, undertaking a serious remix project and producing a noteworthy new creation.

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