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DA Premiere: MitiS – Living Color (Original Mix)

When classical training collides with electronic music production, inspiring results are bound to occur. Pennsylvania artist MitiS may be the perfect case study for the phenomenon. His grasp on melody and harmony perfectly melds with his sound design and engineering abilities.

We’ve noted MitiS’s penchant for liquid drum ‘n’ bass before, but he still finds a way to impress us with each new track. The producer’s newest is “Living Color” from his forthcoming EP of the same name. The track works off a catchy main arp, paralleled by a complimentary chord progression. Halfway through, he introduces a slowly growing supersaw and some well-constructed halftime for what is likely the track’s most engrossing portion of all.

MitiS said of the Living Color EP: “I feel that this EP has been a breakthrough for my personal boundaries, and I feel I’ve learned more in these creations than I have in a long time.”

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