Tiësto remixes Sam Smith’s ‘Lay Me Down’Sam Smith Remi

Tiësto remixes Sam Smith’s ‘Lay Me Down’

His remix for John Legend earned him a Grammy, so what happens when Tiësto tops that with work for Sam Smith?

Where Tijs took a more standard, big-room route on his rendition of “All Of Me,” he takes a more mellow route on following up the world-class singer. Handling the delicate vocals of Sam Smith, it only makes sense to steer away from stage-ready dynamics and play into his softened, savory aesthetic.

For his version of “Lay Me Down,” Tiësto does just that, with his discerning ear as a remixer recognizing the voids of the original record with respect to its emphatic qualities. Prior to this take, Smith’s single had been remixed by Flume with a similar — but more boisterous — approach. Back to the drawing board, Tiësto renders “Lay Me Down” with such required minimalism and manages to make the foreign style recognizable as his own.


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