Woz X Chubba – HBK (Original Mix)01b

Woz X Chubba – HBK (Original Mix)

Woz is priming a brand new release for UK heavyweights Black Butter, marking a welcome follow-up to last August’s heavy rolling Cherry Hill EP from the man behind some of the markets most thuggish beat manoeuvres right now. In the meantime, the rising Bristolian has teamed up with London cohort Chubba for what is a solid free precursor to his next formal release.

‘HBK’ is a shamelessly stripped back and darker take on Woz’s rolling house etiquette, letting the beats and edgy leads do all the talking. There’s a pinch of Detroit here, which alongside its sluggish drum work compliments the uncompromised attitude that holds this cut from start-to-finish. At a time when the UK scene appears to favour the safer schematics of commercial house music with a vocal twist, the duo’s mutual disruption of the status quo takes things back-to-basics with the dance floor close to heart. We’d expect no less from Black Butter’s camp, showing that the imprint’s allegiance with Sony last year has not in any way tarnished the label’s reputation for shooting ahead of the curve with straight up UK talent.

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