David Guetta dons historic lesson in house music for BBC Essential MixGuetta Neyo

David Guetta dons historic lesson in house music for BBC Essential Mix

‘My heart is still the same and the music is still real.’

Between the consistent crossover hits and frequent global radio play, it’s easy to forget that the career of David Guetta takes its original bearings from an overbearing love of house music and a thirst to take it to the masses. The Parisian icon and frequent pop collaborator looked set on celebrating his roots for a triumphant return to the BBC airwaves this weekend, dishing out an unexpected treasure chest of classic club offerings for the latest in the Essential Mixes’ eclectic offerings.

The two-hour ‘Influences’ mix was anything but a staple run of radio hits and big room offerings that fans have come to expect from Guetta’s more common mainstage offerings. Instead, this two-hour instalment offers a who’s who retrospect of influential moments in house music’s dotted history from an artist who clearly hasn’t let modern times dilute a lifelong love for the genre.

Guetta celebrates an age when Traxx, Strictly Rhythm and Masters at Work held the heartstrings in any given territory, transporting us to a simple and exciting time when house music was a seamless club staple enroute to global expansion. From Alcatraz’s ‘Give Me Love’ and Hardrive’s ‘Deep Inside,’ right through to Laruent Gariner’s original rendition of ‘The Man With Red Face,’ Guetta’s selection plays as a seemingly natural nod to some of the genre landmarks that his modern fan base may have missed first time around.

What David Guetta does for the BBC Essential Mix isn’t rocket science – it’s a simple and heartfelt history lesson that plays as a refreshing acknowledgement from an artist who’s crossover fame has often been taken as a blatant departure from house music’s heritage. Evidently, not even dance music’s biggest superstar has forgotten where the magic started, and this mix is testament to a side many will never have heard from the chart topping pop icon.

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