Nero deliver ‘Dark Skies’ ahead of summer album releaseNero Dark Skies Artwork

Nero deliver ‘Dark Skies’ ahead of summer album release

As the tantalizing wait for Nero‘s forthcoming record Between II Worlds counts down, the UK trio are tiding fans over with another new piece prior to the album’s summer release. The track is a pensive bass-driven ballad, “Dark Skies,” playing on the emotive chord progressions that Nero does better than anyone else. “Dark Skies” is a peek into the upcoming album, the likes of which could very well shift the status quo for full-length electronic releases moving forward.

The tune is sharp bass stabs and dark, metallic synths meshing for an eerie composition that reflects Nero’s unmatched reputation as producers ahead of the rest of Between II Worlds. Sparse vocal additions accentuate the thundering epic, as powerful electro riffs carry the listener through the poignant selection.

Hold yourself over with “Dark Skies,” as Nero’s second full-length record inches closer by the day.

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