Listen to 15 minutes of new music from Nicolas JaarNicolas Jaar

Listen to 15 minutes of new music from Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar may be one of the biggest enigmas in electronic music. No one ever quite knows what he’s up to, nor when the visionary will next grace us with new music. Yesterday happened to be one of those rare days when a new offering from the American-Chilean musician spontaneously surfaced. This time, it’s Jaar’s new 12″, Nymphs II EP,  out today on his own Other People Recordings.

The EP contains two tracks, “The three sides of Audrey and why she’s all alone now” and “No one is looking at U (feat. Lorraine).” The details are sparse, other than the fact that the tracks were “recorded in New York City between 2011 – 2015,” according to the YouTube description.

The 15 minute selection is a beautiful and bizarre journey through ambient soundscapes. Loosely connected scenes interject and wash away with ease as if witnessing the fragmented nature of consciousness firsthand. Through a series of deft audio manipulation and sound design, Jaar embeds an unquenchable sense of curiosity. The nuances and surprises of the piece string one along until completion, never quite sure where one’s headed but bemused all the while.

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