Matthew Dear: ‘good music will always prevail’Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear: ‘good music will always prevail’

Matthew Dear is used to wearing many hats. In addition to producing music and performing (sometimes as Matthew Dear and sometimes under one of his four aliases), he’s helped co-found and operate two successful labels, has maintained residencies and overseen talent selection at some of the world’s most prestigious clubs, and has been sought for remix duties by leading names in the music world.

His artistic influences are vast, ever-expanding and hard to pin down — but perhaps that’s exactly what makes a Matthew Dear set instantly recognizable. The Texan-born, Detroit-raised artist recently spoke with Pulse about his thoughts on the American music scene he has played such an active role in for over a decade.

“The country as a whole is very supportive of house and techno at the moment and the energy is fantastic,” he said when asked if New York City still boasted the most forward-thinking music scene in the States. “I’ve had great shows all over the U.S. Warehouse parties in Chicago, TRADE in Miami, and bigger events in LA.”

In the realm of festivals, however, Dear maintained that Europe still dominates with curated boutique festivals. Across the Atlantic, he says, the “musical pedigree” is respected; many festivals are paid for by local government grants or major endorsements, which allow them to “get away with more” than festivals in America.

“You may have more generalized lineups here, but within those lineups, you can find some very special moments,” he added. “You always have to dig a little deeper in the States to find the good stuff, but when you do, it can be just as good as a great European after-hours.”

The evolution of music, though, is a journey – much like the evolution of personal taste. When asked if he’s noticed a growing shift away from mainstream EDM and toward more “underground” techno and house acts within American festival lineups, Dear intimated that it’s not so much a question of genres.

“Good music always prevails in the end. People grow up and need quality mind bending music.”

Via: Pulse


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