Moodblanc – Over (Es.P remix)ES P Over Remi Moodblanc

Moodblanc – Over (Es.P remix)

When you spend several years on the road holding residencies as an artist, you’re bound to pick up a few things – Es.P is proof of that. Currently based in Miami, the young DJ and producer has traveled from coast to coast honing his craft and expanding his musical tastes. His latest creation, a remix of Moodblanc’s “Over”, is a perfect example of what happens when all those different influences and experiences combine in just the right doses. Fluid, clean and unpredictable, Es.P’s rendition of “Over” transforms the track into a beautiful psychedelic journey through trippy build ups and ethereal arpeggios. It’s as refreshing as a dip in the ocean on a hot summer day, and contains enough groove to get your shoulders rolling no matter how hard you fight it.

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