Nocturnal Sunshine – Believe (Original Mix)Maya

Nocturnal Sunshine – Believe (Original Mix)

Maya Jane Coles continues to flex her creative muscles and traverse new musical waters under her Nocturnal Sunshine moniker. Her latest release as NS, “Believe,” is not your average techno mover. Slow-burning and suffused with the heady intensity of desire, it simmers along on a down-tempo bassline in a way reminiscent of a predator stalking its prey. Newcomer Chelou lends his brooding, delicate voice to the track — Coles is currently working on the singer/songwriter’s debut album. In addition to its infectious musical quality, “Believe” reaffirms that Nocturnal Sunshine is more than just a musical side project: it’s a boundary-pushing platform with which Coles can continue to explore different artistic identities with her audiences.

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