Watch This: Laidback Luke offers an hour of advice on ‘Real DJing’IMG 6837

Watch This: Laidback Luke offers an hour of advice on ‘Real DJing’

The question of what DJs are actually doing behind the decks has been a hot topic ever since deadmau5 first made the claim, “we all hit play.” While countless mainstream EDM artists have been called out for faking their sets, Laidback Luke is one such figure you can always count on to deliver an honest performance (whether it’s an interesting performance, well that’s another story…).

Back in February, Luke spoke to a room full of DJs at Utrecht’s annual Dancefair, the two day educational conference for electronic musicians, for a special seminar on ‘Real DJing.’ Touching on everything from DJ philosophy to technique, Luke weaved through a variety of topics in his hour long discussion. Making his intentions clear from the start, he said, “It’s more than standing on top of the DJ booth with your hands up and making an awesome jump for the camera.”

Luke goes on to demonstrate everything from how he chooses his tracks, to creative ways he performs them. At one point, he touches on a pressing issue: “a very important thing about DJing that’s missed nowadays is the trendsetting and the taste-making.”

All in all — aside from a few unnecessary quips at the underground scene — Laidback Luke offers some sound advice for DJs at any stage in their career.

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