Zedd’s ‘Illusions’; here are the inspirations behind his new albumZedd

Zedd’s ‘Illusions’; here are the inspirations behind his new album

Already well into his interactive album concept for True ColorsZedd released a short video episode to recap the highlights of his Denver stop. Stopping at the ominous, blue-lit Stanley Hotel, Zedd shared an exclusive preview of the last song on his forthcoming album, “Illusion” with a group of anxious fans. As the producer explains, each song on True Colors is inspired by one single color. So far, the color associations have been revealed as follows: “Addicted to a Memory” is purple, “Straight Into the Fire” with an appropriate orange, yellow for “Bumble Bee,” black for “Transmission,” and finally, blue for his latest “Illusion.” True Colors is scheduled to release later this month.


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