Amon Tobin dons his Two Fingers moniker for ‘Adrian’s Rhythm’Two Fingers Si Rhythms

Amon Tobin dons his Two Fingers moniker for ‘Adrian’s Rhythm’

Most people know Brazilian musician Amon Tobin under his eponymous stage name (and for his mind-altering ISAM concept), but he occasionally champions more dance floor-oriented material under the guise of Two Fingers. The moniker has served as his outlet for everything from breaks, to grime, to drum ‘n’ bass in the past, and his newest original “Adrian’s Rhythm” follows suit. The dark, ravey production has the kind of frenetic intensity you’d expect from a Gesaffelstein track, yet is balanced with the ethereal aptitude of Tobin’s world-renowned sound design.

The full EP, titled Six Rhythms, will be released on Noisia’s Division Recordings on June 22.

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