Build the perfect DJ booth with parts from IKEABuild DJ Booth IKEA

Build the perfect DJ booth with parts from IKEA

What is a bedroom DJ without a proper bedroom DJ booth?

If you’re the least bit serious about honing your mixing skills, take the time to get a decent setup. While purchasing an audio desk can be costly, DJ Puzzle has a better solution: build your dream booth with parts from IKEA.

Inspired by a guide from DJ Tech Tools circa 2011, DJ Puzzle has created an in-depth guide to constructing a DJ booth via ready-to-assemble furniture.

The setup centers around a Kallax Bookshelf, which, aside from providing a stable foundation for one’s gear, also affords ample storage space for things like records or equipment. The total cost comes out to about $200 (before shipping), and, as detailed in the video, is not as daunting to assemble as you’d imagine.

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