Can you tell the difference between TIDAL HiFi and regular streaming?Tidal

Can you tell the difference between TIDAL HiFi and regular streaming?

In addition to a standard streaming service for $9.99 per month, Jay Z‘s TIDAL offers a HiFi option that delivers high-definition audio for $19.99 per month. Though the HiFi option should in theory create a better listening experience, many critics wonder just how many people can tell the difference between standard- and high-definition audio, especially when listening on tinny computer speakers or cheap earbuds.

NPR created a cool new quiz that allows readers to test whether or not they can hear the difference in audio quality. They’ve chosen six songs of various genres (from rock to hip-hop to classical to Coldplay), each of which is playable in three different qualities. Listen to each of the samples, then click the box next to the sample that you think is the highest-quality. Take the test here.


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