Dillon Francis preaches donut awareness in ‘Exit Through The Donut Hole’Eit Through The Donut Hole

Dillon Francis preaches donut awareness in ‘Exit Through The Donut Hole’

A couple weeks ago, Dillon Francis took to his social media pages to call attention to a cause close to his heart: donuts.

Following a series of teaser videos through Twitter and Instagram, the final product has finallhy been released on Youtube. Inspired by a documentary by Banksy, Exit Through The Donut Hole is a fifteen-minute mockumentary that doubles as a music video to Dillon Francis’s single “I Can’t Take It.” The video follows the life of Dillon Francis as a donut, documenting the downfall of the donut’s popularity as the health craze kicked in during the 2000’s, his rivalry with his ex-friend Broccoli, and the daily abuse that donuts face. (Mainly, being eaten.)

Eventually, Donut Dillon and Broccoli put aside their rivalry and work together to avenge their “families” that had just been consumed by police in front of their faces. Hilarious as always with Dillon Francis, Exit Through The Donut Hole is one of the more unique ways an artist has used to market one of his songs while also helping to solidify his status as one of EDM’s top comedians.


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