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Grooveshark co-founder, Josh Greenberg, found dead at age 28

In a tragic turn of news, co-founder of GrooveShark Josh Greenberg has been found dead in his home. At only age 28, the reports thus far are rather inconclusive and mysterious about his passing; allegedly, he seemed to be in good health and no signs of drug abuse or physical injuries were found in the investigation.

Greenberg was one of two main founders of GrooveShark, a music streaming site that was incepted at the University of Florida by Josh and his friend Sam Tarantino. Though the site found meteoric popularity and is said to have retained 40 million users at one point, the company folded earlier this year in April due to copyright lawsuits from Universal, Sony, and Warner Music for a collective $17 billion in infringement charges.

Authorities have reported that neither foul play or suicide seem to be involved in Greenberg’s case. His mother, Lori Greenberg, confirmed that he was not depressed about the site’s fate and was “excited about potential new things that he was going to start.”

Via: Gainesville Sun

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