DA Premiere: SBCR & Jayceeoh – Frankenstein (Original Mix)Sbcr Vol2

DA Premiere: SBCR & Jayceeoh – Frankenstein (Original Mix)

Bloody Beetroots frontman Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo debuted his alter-alias SBCR earlier this year as a side project and outlet for DJ-focused releases that differ from the Bloody Beetroots rock-electronic style. For “Frankenstein,” he collaborates with trap newcomer Jayceeoh, each retaining their trademark styles while still fusing some components to create innovative new sounds.

Bright synth riffs and melodic percussion arc into the dark vocal sample that gives the track its name, eventually culminating into a rumbling trap drop. Relentless snares and synth stabs pound fervently, yet somehow the track seamlessly glides back into the cascading melody of the opening section. SBCR and Jayceeoh may seem an unlikely duo, but in “Frankenstein” both the new artist and the new persona are broadening their own signature sound, and creating an explosive new track in the process.

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