Meet the camp counselors behind Dirtybird Campout: J.PhlipMeetYourCounselorInsta JPhlip

Meet the camp counselors behind Dirtybird Campout: J.Phlip

On October 2, Dirtybird will host the inaugural edition of Dirtybird Campout at Oak Canyon Park. The unique event will put a new spin on the festival experience, providing three days of community-driven camp activities in addition to a stellar music lineup featuring everyone from label regulars like Claude VonStroke and Kill Frenzy, to Route 94, Eprom, &ME and more.

Tying in with the theme of the festival, Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, J. Phlip and more will serve as ‘camp counselors’ at Dirtybird Campout, guiding attendees through a myriad of campground activities such as hiking, kickball, sack races, and talent shows. To get in the spirit of the event, we’ve linked up with Dirtybird for an exclusive interview series grilling the counselors on everything camp-related.

Following last week’s interview with head counselor Claude VonStroke, we’ve linked up with J.Phlip for the second edition in the series. Known for her masterful DJing abilities and riveting house and techno releases, she’s Dirtybird’s perfect double threat.

Meet the camp counselors behind Dirtybird Campout: J.PhlipMeetYourCounselorInsta JPhlip


What’s a good camping memory you have?

So many camping memories! We used to have these campouts with the just the kids and the dads. Our dads were hilarious — party dads — nonstop jokes, scary stories to freak us out, no-rules nonsense, staying up late playing kick the can, stuffing our faces with so many burnt marshmallows, and getting to shoot guns! Oh and my YMCA indian princess name was half-moon.

What’s an awkward/embarrassing camping memory you have?

When I was four years old I went camping in Minnesota with my older cousins, and our guide took us to the freaking garbage dump of the campground to see some bears…. the mama bear flipped out and started chasing us…. I was the smallest and tripping all over the uneven ground…. My cousin ran back and swooped me up and ran so freakin’ fast!

That night it poured rain and I had to sleep under the leak in the roof of our cabin with bucket on top of me to catch the water. I guess thats the price you pay for being the runt of the gang.

If you could go camping anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you go with?

My friend Samantha Blondtron has the coolest light blue VW Westfalia Camper Van… I’d go camping anywhere really with her in that Van…. eating bacon with Caesars, drinking her selection of bomb wine, playing cassette tapes of ’90s hip hop and R&B, laughing a ton (at her mostly because she’s hilarious), and tripping out of course to some “beautiful scenery” or who knows what hahah … possibly in British Columbia where she’s from…..

Yup that would be the absolute best camping trip. This is us in her van!

What’s your ideal playlist for camping?

BONGO DRUMS! J/K!!!! Hahaha… ’90s hip hop… I miss hip hop… that’s all I want to hear when I’m chillin’ with friends these days.

How would you survive if you were stranded in the woods for a week?

Oh man, I would probably die if it weren’t for one skill…. I am a navigator…. My only hope would be to use my sense of direction to find my way back to something, somewhere besides lost hahah.

Have you ever had a spiritual experience out in nature?

I’d say yes… Nature is the best place to let yourself go… you never know where it might take you. I’ve gone to outer space a few times.

What are you looking forward to most about dirtybird Campout?

Mostly just spending the whole weekend with the people who will be there… The artists, our friends, significant others, our fans, the staff… it’s just as much about everyone’s sense of humor as it is about the music for me. It’s going to be a bunch of nonsense goofballs — I’m looking forward to the laughing as much as I am the dancing!

Which artists are you looking forward to seeing and why?

I’m most excited about one that isn’t announced yet… so ha…. I guess I can’t say. 100% live analog distorted acid house/techno.

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