More official Apple Music radio stations may be comingBeats 1

More official Apple Music radio stations may be coming

Of all the features that Apple Music has to offer, the well-curated Beats 1 radio station may be the primary reason that users will continue paying for the service once their three-month trial is up in a few months. Soon, there may be even more official radio stations for paying customers. As part of its deal with major labels, Apple can have up to six radio stations (including Beats 1) without needing to further negotiate with the big three. Beats 1 is currently only live for 12 hours a day, so additional stations could bump that up to 24 hours — or add speciality or holiday-specific radio stations.

Currently, Apple pays labels a higher rate per play than rival radio service Pandora. Labels have been hesitantly optimistic speaking about Beats 1 success, because until the free trial concludes in October, all the radio subscribers are considered “trialists” by the labels. Though Apple Music is available for free, users haven’t stopped making purchases through Apple’s iTunes store. Surprisingly, since the launch of Apple Music, there hasn’t actually been a corresponding drop in purchased downloads.

The rate of downloads is slowly decelerating anyways, but the free trial hasn’t resulted in a complete drop-off in users paying for their music.

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