Meet the camp counselors behind Dirtybird Campout: Christian MartinMeetYourCounselorInsta CMartin

Meet the camp counselors behind Dirtybird Campout: Christian Martin

On October 2, Dirtybird will host the inaugural edition of Dirtybird Campout at Oak Canyon Park. The unique event will put a new spin on the festival experience, providing three days of community-driven camp activities in addition to a stellar music lineup featuring everyone from label regulars like Claude VonStroke and Kill Frenzy, to Route 94, Eprom, &ME and more.

Tying in with the theme of the festival, Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, J. Phlip and more will serve as ‘camp counselors’ at Dirtybird Campout, guiding attendees through a myriad of campground activities such as hiking, kickball, sack races, and talent shows. To get in the spirit of the event, we’ve linked up with Dirtybird for an exclusive interview series grilling the counselors on everything camp-related.

Following interviews with Claude VonStroke and J.Phlip, we’ve linked up with founding dirtybird BBQ member Christian Martin for the third edition in the series.

Meet the camp counselors behind Dirtybird Campout: Christian MartinMeetYourCounselorInsta CMartin

What’s a good camping memory you have?

Conquering the ropes course at Renbrook Camp in CT! The final challenge was called the ‘Pamper Plank’. You had to leap off a rickety board at the top of a tree growing out of the edge of a rocky cliff, towards a trapeze dangling in the air. The cliff made the jump seem like it was about 1,000 feet up. Nailed it first try.

What’s an awkward/embarrassing camping memory you have?

At the same camp years later as a counsellor, I can’t believe I stayed late some days, playing a Dungeons & Dragons knockoff with my equally nerdy homies. No regrets though.

If you could go camping anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you go with?

I would take my lady & our dog out to Kauai. We’d find a deserted beach and drink coconut water all day as the dog chased seagulls.

What’s your ideal playlist for camping?

DJ B-Cause – Super Disco Hyphy. Best mix of all time. I would throw some Johnny Cash & Elvis in there during campfire time, then some LTJ Bukem & friends for late night s’mores. John Coltrane & Bill Evans would bring in the morning.

How would you survive if you were stranded in the woods for a week?

I would make a sick lean-to with a rainwater hot tub, heated by the sweet fire I just built. Step two would be to train various woodland creatures to bring me delicious treats from all corners of the forest.

Have you ever had a spiritual experience out in nature?

I was in Alaska in July for the Spectrum festival, we were camped at the intersection of two clashing weather fronts. Watching storms rage in the distance all around us was breathtaking, it never gets old.

What are you looking forward to most about dirtybird Campout?

Getting naturific with all my closest friends, learning how to tie knots, going undefeated at fooseball, and melting some faces off during my sunrise set.

Which artists are you looking forward to seeing and why?

Walker & Royce because I love all their productions, Mikey Lion because he brings the SoCal outdoor style so proper, and Dan Bell because he’s a true legend.

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