Shermanology turn a new page with ‘The Phylosophy’ EPShermanology

Shermanology turn a new page with ‘The Phylosophy’ EP

Familial duo Dorothy and Andy Sherman are no strangers to the high end of electronic music. Having previously cast their legacy alongside the ranks of Avicii’s Tim Berg moniker and Afrojack, Shermanology has moved with the times like few other Dutch artists of the time. Cutting into the European mint for commercial house music with a pinch of soul for 2015, The Phylosophy EP marks not only one of the duo’s biggest bodies of work to date, but a comfortable new precedent set for their vocal dance stylings.

Opening remarks ‘The Madness’ and ‘Sweet Surrender’ play into the hook-led club play that Shermanlogy’s more recent studio output has leant towards. ‘Old Skool Dayz’ and ‘What You Wanna Do’ then honour some of the genre’s more classical hallmarks, donning strong key work and murky bass movements whilst keeping things aimed at the modern dance floor. With ‘Let It Pour’ honouring the more docile and melodically tuned sounds that have given house music another route towards global chart space, there is an overbearing sensation that the duo has tapped into the current climate for crossover club records whilst giving it their own soulful twist. There’s a lot of talk as to whether the album format is still a fertile ground for dance artists to set their sights upon, but Shermanology’s latest short-player is a golden example of less is more.


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