Stephen – Remembering MyselfStephen Remembering Myself

Stephen – Remembering Myself

As EDM’s first commercial peak waned in the early 2000’s, alternative rock took its place as one of music’s biggest trends. Reminiscing on this time yet looking forward as EDM reaches its second commercial peak is Stephen, Th3rd Brain’s multi-talented new signee, who purportedly writes, performs, produces, and masters his work himself. “Remembering Myself” is a beautiful blend of both alternative rock and electronica; Stephen’s velvety voice sings out emotional lyrics over the sound of electric guitar and bass harmonies, yet drops into a future bass heavy-hitter. In an age of increased musical experimentation, genre-blending of this quality is most definitely welcome; not to mention, the rock sounds carries an age of nostalgia that would easily prompt any Millennial to recall their youth spent listening to actual instruments.