ZHU cryptically announces return with Genesis ExperienceZhu Generation Why 2015

ZHU cryptically announces return with Genesis Experience

Last year, ZHU became an overnight success and one of the most recognizable names of the year in dance music thanks to a unique production style that captured the culture’s attention. His single ‘Faded’ was nominated for a Grammy after being the most played track at both BBC Radio1 and TripleJ, and his dynamic live show was a breath of fresh air from the all too familiar “plug and play” DJ set. His silence on social media and from press appearances has put an air of mystery around the producer, it’s an approach that seeks to put the attention on the music not the man.

Today, ZHU has launched a website (generationwhy.com) that showcases his newest project — something called the “Genesis Series.” There’s not much to it, just a simple e-mail submission form and a running count of the members already enlisted in Generation Why. Each submission exposes a new letter in ZHU’s cryptic crossword and will likely fully reveal his true plans when a certain threshold is reached.