Carl Cox declares end to his 15-year Ibiza residencyCarl Co Space Opening

Carl Cox declares end to his 15-year Ibiza residency

After a 15-year residency at the world renowned Space IbizaCarl Cox is calling it quits, noted by an exchange of words with DJ Mag: “Next year will be my last year at Space Ibiza, so please do not miss a single night if you can, very special line-ups for 15 weeks. Watch this space…”

This announcement may not come as surprise to fans who closely follow Cox’s career In August, the techno purveyor revealed his true feelings about Ibiza’s transformation from the dance community capital to a breeding ground for pure consumerism. “It’s not just me being old, Ibiza is spoilt now,” says the British DJ/producer with an active career spanning over 30 years.

Cox’s influence in electronic music is unmistakable, but his impact in Ibiza is pivotal, boosting Space as one of the most prolific dance clubs in all of history. Though he still has some time on the White Isle, the clock is ticking as this crucial chapter is closing.

In a Mixmag interview last year, Cox disclosed that his time in Ibiza lives on as one of his greatest achievements in life: “You know what, if I’m there for the next two years, I’ll have been there for 15 years and I think I’ll have represented dance music at the highest level among anyone I know. I’d be quite happy to walk away from it [after that] and do something else.”

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