DA Premiere: Format:B – Chunky (Riva Starr Remix)Riva Starr

DA Premiere: Format:B – Chunky (Riva Starr Remix)

FORMAT:B’s ‘Chunky’ might be one of the most important house tracks of 2015. Downright infectious and found at every corner of the globe throughout the summer passed, evidence of a stripped back club cut gaining major label attention added to an overall notion that the taste buds for dance music’s less-groomed ranks were only growing stronger. Italian peer Riva Starr is no stranger to this stripped back medium, joining Ministry of Sound this month for his own take on what looks to be a definitive notch in the German duo’s musical output.

If the original run of ‘Chunky’ was a self-fulfilling bout of sluggish yet expertly coordinated house music, Riva Starr’s take is a slightly classier affair. Evening out the percussive edge and staggering the track with powerful fills and overbearing lead work, the Latin vibes that have dominated his earlier work make for an ample addition to the track’s natural swagger. You’re unlikely to find a finer specimen of modern house than the original version of ‘Chunky,’ but remixes of this calibre sure don’t hurt.

Release Date: November 13

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