Stephen – Hello (Adele Cover)Photo

Stephen – Hello (Adele Cover)

Ever since his return to music with “Remembering Myself”, Stephen has picked up incredible momentum in the latter half of 2015. With the rock twangs of the electric guitar cutting through the booming bass of his original production, ‘Hello’ is a brilliant rendition of the Adele smash single that has taken the music world by storm in its first week of release. Flipping the gorgeous acoustic ballad into a sonic tour-de-force, the young Los Angeles native breathes new meaning and life into the Brit’s somber lyrics.

In such a short turnaround, Stephen flexes his writing chops and establishes himself as a sleeper breakout artist to watch in 2016. In what is sure to be one of the most covered and remixed singles of the year, Stephen’s may already be in contention for one of the best. This project bleeds of heart and potential – let’s see what’s next.

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