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Vinai release ‘Techno’ and it’s definitely not techno

“Nobody listens to techno”.

I would more quickly say that nobody listens to Vinai.

Coming straight from the bowels of electronic music’s most irritating genre are VINAI. The two producers have taken a great Eminem vocal chop, slapped it over some heinous synths of ear-piercing quality, and thrown the track at Spinnin’ for a release. With that winning formula, we don’t doubt that the track will chart. But that doesn’t mean it should. If you’ve ever heard a Vinai track, you can guess with about 95% accuracy what “Techno” sounds like. Keep in mind, these are the same guys that gave you masterpieces (and fantastic track names) like “Raveology” and “How We Party,” both of which are essentially identical tracks to “Techno” (and everything else they’ve ever made — start a new project file, please.) We’re actually starting to believe that they think nobody listens to techno, or any other form of music at all.

We also understand that the name alone, based on the vocal chops, serves to further sales, but this is like calling Taylor Swift a dubstep artist, or The Beatles TRVP Lords. Let’s be clear: there is nothing even remotely techno about “Techno” except forĀ its name. To give Vinai some credit, though, they’re not alone in this terrible trend of naming songs after trendy music when it’s actually just big room. Remember “Sound of the Underground?” Yea, big room.

Hailing from Italy, you’d think the duo would be well aware that techno dominates a large portion of mainstream electronic music. Instead, the two found an easy buzzword to throw over another generic track that will be pushed into Spinnin’ artists’ sets for promotional purposes only. And Spinnin’, we thought you were doing so well! The Jauz tracks, the Lost Kings, and everything Oliver Heldens does gives us faith that you have your heads in the right place. Then you do this. It’s fine I guess. Like our parents always said: set realistic expectations and you’ll be less disappointed.

Thanks for the reminder, Spinnin’.

Here’s the track. Sorry for the hearing loss.

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