Unsound Festival forced to relocate performances following accusations of SatanismUnsound

Unsound Festival forced to relocate performances following accusations of Satanism

Taking place through October 18, Poland-based dance music festival Unsound has faced quite a dilemma this year. The festival’s organizers were forced to find alternate venues to host concerts which were originally slated to take place at two local churches. Less than two days before the festival was scheduled to kick off, both churches opted out of host duties after receiving a letter that painted the festival’s organizers as promoters of Satanism.

Unsound released a statement that the accusations, which were initially made in a letter to St. Catherine’s (one of the two churches), were “completely unfounded, unreasonable, and slanderous.” The statement goes on to categorically deny that Satanism is or has ever been promoted at the festival. “The goal of the Unsound festival has always been bringing artists and audiences together in the promotion of art and culture,” it reads.

It is not clear under what grounds the accusations have been made; in fact, the festival’s organizers have even clarified that David Tibet, the founder and leader of Current 93 (which was scheduled to perform at St. Catherine’s on October 17), sent a statement explaining his faith as a Christian. In addition to moving Current 93’s performance, surprise sets from jazz guitarist Raphael Roginski, master pianist John Tilbury, and Rrose have also needed to be relocated to alternate venues.

Unsound’s Mat Schulz said, “we are sorry these slanderous and untrue statements have caused such harm and disruption to the festival, especially considering all the work that so many people put into making very special events in beautiful spaces, something Unsound is known for.”

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