Nicky Romero comes clean on struggle with anxiety: ‘I felt guilty to all my fans’Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero comes clean on struggle with anxiety: ‘I felt guilty to all my fans’

In 2012, a young Nicky Romero had just released his #1-charting track “Toulouse.” Recognition that came along with the track led to a near-instantaneous accession to the top of the EDM ladder – allowing the producer to become a household name, headline his own world tour, and launch Protocol Records to spread his musical message. As the next couple of years unfolded and and his success was propelled forward by a legion of adoring fans, Romero considered himself to be in what he calls a “flow,” where he relentlessly pursued his musical aspirations as motivated by his new-found international success.

Despite being lauded as one of the leading artists of the new EDM generation, the Dutch electro prodigy was not immune to the pressure that resulted from his multiple roles as a touring DJ, producer, and label owner. “When this goes on and on the pressure of performing, producing, and creating gets higher, after a long time with lack[s] of sleep, pressure and stress you could lose flow, cause flow only exists when you feel happy and rested,” Romero stated in an open letter to his fans on his Facebook page.

He bravely went on to confess his ongoing battle with anxiety, which he had developed around two-and-a-half years ago when the industry began to eat away at him. The condition drained all his energy, causing unrealistic feelings of guilt about not producing music. In outlining his feelings of hopelessness in his statement, Romero admitted to visiting 12 different therapists to work on his issues, but to no avail.

Nicky’s story ends on a bright note, however. He recently found a book online that helped him pinpoint his problems, and he’s now ready to take on 2016 with a stronger mentality. Many are hopeful that his new attitude is an implication of a forthcoming debut album.

Though mental health has become increasingly important in society, conditions like anxiety are still negatively stigmatized and looked down upon. Nicky Romero’s frankness regarding his battle against his own career hindrance is not only brave, but a positive use of his star power to raise awareness about anxiety. Read his full disclosure below:

Nicky Romero comes clean on struggle with anxiety: ‘I felt guilty to all my fans’Nicky Romero Aniety


via: Nicky Romero’s Facebook

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