WeTransfer takes its first step into the music sphereImgres

WeTransfer takes its first step into the music sphere

WeTransfer, the Dutch cloud-based file transfer service, is making its first foray into the music world. Last week, the platform unveiled a demo of a new streaming player that is projected to be a contender for exclusive music and videos. WeTransfer’s end goal is not necessarily to profit from its streaming feature, but to garner a larger following by acting as a marketing channel for the creator. The revamped WeTransfer give artists the opportunity to supplement their presence on platforms such as Spotify or Soundcloud.

“We’re using music to put us on the map,” said Maarten Kadiks, a marketing executive at WeTransfer. “Six years ago we started out in Europe, and that is where we see the biggest amount of users. The U.S. is taking over in terms of growth.”

Thus far, the company has approached representatives for Justin Bieber, Pharrell, and Madonna about using its new platform to promote new music. Kadiks’ eyes are set on WeTransfer’s service becoming the SoundCloud of the file-sharing world – a space where artists will hopefully share mixes, teasers, and music videos. WeTransfer’s latest installment will not become available until the first quarter of 2016.

Via: Resident Advisor, Bloomberg

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