Aphex Twin continues endless stream of releases with ‘T17 Phase Out’Aphe Press

Aphex Twin continues endless stream of releases with ‘T17 Phase Out’

Aphex Twin has unleashed a slew of releases upon his SoundCloud since pledging in┬áJuly to unveil upwards of 100 tracks he rediscovered recently. A mere five days following his latest and brief output ,”pianokupt1[norm],” the reclusive producer uploaded a full-length cut titled “T17 Phase Out.” Without knowing the who was behind it, one would easily identify the piece as an Aphex composition due to its abstract, unconventionally brilliant structure and usage of rich instrumentation and samples. Despite having humorously hinted at his drunkenness catalyzing the post, “T17 Phase Out’s” clean production suggest the Grammy-winner was far from it┬áduring its arrangement. Hopes remain high that his uploading streak will continue strongly into 2016, as there are dozens more works that demand uncovering.

photo credit: Andy Willsher/Redferns/Getty Images

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