Doppler Labs’ Here Active Listening System to ship by the end of this monthDoppler Labs Billboard 650

Doppler Labs’ Here Active Listening System to ship by the end of this month

As one of the world’s pioneering wearable tech companies, New York City-based Doppler Labs has made a number of incredible feats since its 2013 launch. Best known for protecting music fans’ hearing by creating DUBS Acoustic Filters, Doppler recently set its eyes and ears on a far more exciting project: Here Active Listening.

As a business that seeks to alter the way in which we hear the world, Doppler broke new ground with their in-ear system, comprised of two wireless buds that allows users to curate their listening experience at the touch of a smartphone app. Fully unveiled in June 2015, the company managed to raise $17 million in Series B funding, drawing in heavy-hitting investors such as Live Nation, Universal Music Group and WME.

Before Doppler even knew it themselves, their latest output is already projected to be its most innovative technology yet. Noah Kraft, CEO and co-founder of Doppler Labs, is hopeful that Here will become available to the public by the end of January, at the cost of $300 or less. Kraft also expressed interest in one day replacing some of the app’s capabilities with machine learning, which would enable the earbuds to act without being explicitly programmed.

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Via: The Verge

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