Tomorrowland sells out of Belgian tickets in a record 40 minutesTomorrowland 2014 Day2 8

Tomorrowland sells out of Belgian tickets in a record 40 minutes

Tomorrowland has sold out of its allotted Belgian tickets in a record-breaking 40 minutes, signaling the greatest amount of interest in the festival among Belgians in all of Tomorrowland history. After being named the top festival with heaviest ticket demand in the world in 2014, the news is hardly a surprise for fans of ID&T’s world-renowned event.

Debby Wilmsen, Tomorrowland’s representative, commented on the festival’s phenomenal sales results: “As soon as the lines opened, there were already more people on the waiting list than available tickets. After 40 minutes, most of the payments and orders had been done.” 

This year’s results beat out that of 2014’s by a full 20 minutes, with Belgium’s premier electronic music festival garnering the attention of 20% more Belgians than in 2015. More than 130,000 people are currently on the waitlist in the hopes of acquiring tickets to the 2016 edition, whose theme is “The Elixir Of Life.” 

Global sales will begin at 5pm next Saturday, with Tomorrowland expected to attract the likes of 180,000 attendees between July 22-24.

Via: The Brussels Times

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