Watch This: Flying Lotus has scored a disturbing Sundance film entry [NSFW]Flying Lotus 014

Watch This: Flying Lotus has scored a disturbing Sundance film entry [NSFW]

Over the last year, many of electronic music’s keenest minds have transitioned into divergent creative avenues to avoid stagnation and continue spurring innovation. We’ve seen artists like Nero and Porter Robinson venture away from their dance-driven roots, while others have ventured further still. Take Gesaffelstein, who retired his acclaimed live performance last year to create the atonally abstract score for French thriller Maryland.

Steven Ellison, who perpetually pushes the envelope as Flying Lotus, has followed Gesaffelstein’s lead by electing to score director Eddie Alcazar’s short film “FUCKKKYOUUU.” As the short’s title might suggest, the eight minute film isn’t suitable for work, so viewings are best saved for home or a trip to Sundance, where the film is currently playing. Ellison’s score provides the only sound in Alcazar’s extraterrestrial, brutally sexualized film, which conveys its themes solely through the harrowing musical backdrop, subversive imagery, and bookending title cards displaying Sylvia Plath and the film’s title. Flying Lotus’ music is never conventional or comforting, but Ellison takes his experimentation to new heights with his “FUCKKKYOUUU” score, which progresses from ominous drones, to ethereally eerie breaks, and culminates in a haunting dystopian atmosphere, interspersed with cataclysmic, lo-fi shrieks.


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