Weekend Rewind: deadmau5’s debut Essential Mix from 2008Deadmau5

Weekend Rewind: deadmau5’s debut Essential Mix from 2008

It’s the summer of 2008. Some wiry figure from Toronto is making headlines with a string of releases like “Faxing Berlin” and “Jaded.” When Pete Tong secures him for his debut Essential Mix, the enthusiasm in his voice tells all. “He’s quite a sight when you see him perform,” Tong says. “If you haven’t heard already, half the set is done inside a giant red mouse head.”

Tong’s next line is eerily prophetic: “He really is the perfect artist for the download generation. His popularity is based on the word of mouth generated by his music being transferred around the world.” Like a harbinger for the next 7 years, Tong set the tone for the monolithic rise of deadmau5.

In many ways, 2008 was the liftoff year for Joel Zimmerman’s career. It was, after all, the year in which Random Album Title arrived — unequivocally his most iconic release to date. As a precursor to the album, Zimmerman took over the Essential Mix showcasing much of the now-hallowed tracklist. From “Arguru” to “Alone With You” and “Brazil (2nd Edit),” Joel laid the foundation for the seminal release with this two hour mix on the legendary BBC airwaves.

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