Annabel – IOU (Golden Coast Remix)Annabel Jones Golden Coast Remi

Annabel – IOU (Golden Coast Remix)

Hailing from Colorado and California’s San Jacinto dessert, duo Golden Coast has forged its way across the music scene using shimmering synths, upbeat dance rhythms, and an eclectic blend of organic and electronic instruments. Their unique sun-drenched indie sound shines through beautifully in the duo’s remix of Annabel Jones’s “IOU,” which captivated the longtime friends and fellow producers right from the onset.

“Annabel Jones’s original version of ‘IOU’ captured our ears out of the gate, sparking several vibes of how to re-imagine it; one of which led to bringing a drum-line on board,” wrote Golden Coast on their Facebook page. The result of their ruminations is an ethereal yet edgy jammer that conjures memories of golden afternoons and beach parties.

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