Deadmau5 experiments with trap, samples farm animalsDead Mow 5

Deadmau5 experiments with trap, samples farm animals

It can be a true delight to watch a genius at work, even when the genius is a madman sampling a farm animal. Though deadmau5 has been busy taking on Kanye West, touring with the Mau5trap crew, and setting up his home studio, Zimmerman has somehow managed to squeeze in some marathon sound experiments. The contentious producer has been hyperactive of late, posting procedural snippets on SoundCloud and using his Twitter account like a focus group. In a string of uploads, deadmau5 has unleashed some studio studies with titles like “Cthulu Twerks,” “yoloswagbae” and “now with 13% more goats.”

Each snippet contains the same skittery, tech-trap backbone, while also veering into separate sub-genres through a melee of production techniques. The sound is a definite departure from the marathon prog house tracks that have wafted out of his home studio recently.

Though his abrasive online persona can often be off-putting, deadmau5 continues to inspire with his prolific output and willingness to openly conduct bizarre experiments in real time. To conclude his work for the day, dance music’s enfant terrible posted recordings of ambient farm noise and chickens clucking. We can’t say we’re surprised.