Kryoman & Pairanoid – My Squad’s Lit Ft. Shaq (Original Mix)Screen Shot 2016 03 05 At 4.42.44 PM

Kryoman & Pairanoid – My Squad’s Lit Ft. Shaq (Original Mix)

As electronic music has broken through into the mainstream, a swarm of celebrities looking to cash in and extend their relevance have been drawn to it like bees to honey. From Paris Hilton and Pauly D to Elijah Wood and Joe Jonas, a new one seems to spring up every festival season.

One such celebrity ‘DJ’ is former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal, who made his debut as DJ Diesel in 2014, and even played TomorrowWorld last summer. Now, it seems, Shaq has shifted his gaze from DJing to production, and provided vocals for “My Squad’s Lit,” by Kryoman & Pairanoid. The results are exactly what you’d expect – a bass-heavy party anthem that’s as energetic as it is formulaic and uninspired.

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